Homemade Freezer Food


I already did all my freezer cooking this month, but sometimes it’s nice to make a few more things, just because.  After talking about my freezer cooking with some friends the other day, I had the urge to make some homemade pop-tarts.  I have never bought the boxed ones on the shelves, and as a kid, we never ate them.  probably because they were all sugar, and we didn’t get the sugar cereals.  I don’t buy sugar cereals for my own child (he’s sweet enough and full of enough energy for at least 2 kids).  But these pop-tarts are made with far less sugar and no icing.  Mason LOVES them, so today we made some more.  They really aren’t difficult.  Some refrigerated pie crust (or make your own if you so desire) and filling.  I made three different kinds today- brown sugar and cinnamon, raspberry, and Nutella!  I had planned on making some with bear claw filling, but alas could not find almond paste anywhere in my small town.  Next trip out of town I will look for some almond paste to make them.  THe first batch (brown sugar and cinnamon) used the refrigerated pie crusts I had.  I then became adventurous and tried my hand at making my own pie crust.  (Those who know me know this is a HUGE feat).  I busted out the food processor and went to it.  Success!  Today’s other homemade freezer food- Hot Pockets.  I know many of you are asking yourself WHY?  I was wondering if I could make them cheaper and healthier hot pockets. The answer is yes!  I started with a can of pizza dough (once again, make it yourself if you want) and some lunch meat, cheese, and whatever else you wish to put in them.  For about $6, I made 6 Turkey Ham and Cheese hot pockets.  These are great ways to use up the last few bits of meat.  Thing Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing.  Pizza toppings leftover?  Throw them together to make some.  Kids love helping, and they’re very simple to do.  Roll the dough out, cut into 6 equal parts.  Put the toppings of your choice in the middle, fold the 2 ends in and roll them up.  Bake at 400 for about 15 minutes. 

A note about freezing these kind of things.  Let the pot tarts or hot pockets cool.  Flash freeze them (freezer them on a cookie sheet) and then wrap them in foil.  I wrapped the hot pockets in wax paper and then in foil.  Place all your goodies in a freezer bag and label.  No need to shrink wrap these kinds of things since they are all individually wrapped. 

Tonight would have been left overs (there really isn’t much left this week), but while surfing the meat department for good deals to stock up on, I found hamburger patties marked down for quick sale (i.e. use or freeze by today!).  So hamburgers for dinner and a set in the freezer.  Who could pass up 4 jumbo patties for $4?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I have a hint that maybe you can use. It’s something hubby used to do when the kids were little, he worked late, and money was really tight. Don’t know how many people use this tip, but early in the mornings, meat departments mark down meat that should be frozen. This is a HUGE money saver!

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