Ahh, a great dinner after a LONG day


Today may have been a minimum day for students at school, but for teachers it means meetings after the work day.  Although I may have been at school until almost 6:00, dinner was still on the table and ready to eat at 6:30.  This is because I had a plan, and dinner was already defrosted.  It also helped that hubby got dinner going.  Tonight we feasted on streak with fresh veggies.  The steak was tender and well seasoned. 

Having a plan also meant that this morning that was extremely hectic (hungry baby and up all night) didn’t prevent me from leaving with a well balanced breakfast and lunch.  Both lunch and breakfast was a repeat from earlier this month: breakfast burritos and BBQ chicken quesadillas.  Both were delicious. 

As I continue on this adventure of freezer cooking, I have become addicted to websites with recipes.  I keep finding delicious looking recipes that would be wonderful in my freezer and on my menu.  I may have to find a good deal on a stand-up freezer to hold all the yummy food I want to make!

Here’s the link to the steak recipe:



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