What do I need?


The materials needed to freezer cook are pretty basic.  On your big day, you’ll want plenty of counter space.  Get your ingredients from the pantry organized and be sure you have all the spices you are going to need out and ready to use.  You’ll need several bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and basic cooking tools (knives, spoons, etc.)  You will also need something to store you food in and some way of labeling your dishes.  I prefer to use my food saver since it sucks all the air out!  If you’re going to food save, be sure to freeze anything delicate (muffins, breads, soups, etc) in an open bag first.  Let them get firm or solid and then suck the air out.  You don’t want to crush anything fragile or make a mess of soups.  However, you don’t need one to freezer cook.  Zip Lock Freezer bags work the best.  For dishes that need to be baked (meatloaf, lasagna, etc.) use disposable pans.  Check the dollar store in your area for good deals.  This makes clean up after dinner even quicker! You can also use gladware or other disposable containers.  If you going to freeze a casserole or other dish in a disposable pan, put a layer of foil down first, then fill, and wrap the foil around the food, preventing as much air as possible from getting to your food.  If you’re going to be making anything individual like potatoes, quesadillas, you’ll need plastic wrap, and either foil or freezer paper.  Write the dish title, defrosting and heating instructions, and date prepared on the bag first.  Use a sharpie since it works the best.  If you write after filling, the moisture on the bag prevents the ink from sticking. 

So gather up your recipes, ingredients, and necessary materials.  The big cooking day is coming soon!


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