Start Small


Start Small!  Have you been thinking about freezer cooking, but the idea of cooking all day just overwhelms you?  Are you afraid that the food you freeze won’t possibly taste good later? Have no fear, it’s possible to freezer cook in smaller batches, and what you make will taste just as good when you warm it up as when you make it originally.  You’ll enjoy the meal even more when you know that the prep and clean up is a breeze. 

I’ve been talking to many busy working moms about my freezer cooking adventures.  Some are making crock-pot meals for 2 times a week when they have kid chores (dance practice, cheer practice, gymnastics, etc.).  Others are making some quick and easy breakfasts and lunches to have on hand.  Whatever your need, START SMALL.  I’m posting some easy go to recipes to get you started.

Breakfast Burritos


Eggs or egg whites


Onions and peppers

Salt and pepper to taste

Chopped ham or sausage


  1. Cook sausage or sauté ham in skillet.  Add onions and peppers.
  2. Add eggs or whites and scramble all together.
  3. Add cheese and cook until cheese is melted and well combined.
  4. Warm tortillas and add filling.
  5. Wrap up and set aside. 
  6. Wrap each burrito in either wax paper or plastic wrap, and then again in foil or freezer paper. 
  7. Place all your burritos in 1 bag. 

To serve: Remove from freezer.  Remove foil and plastic/wax paper.  Wrap in paper towel and microwave for about 1 minute, or until warm.  ENJOY on the go!

To make these stretch a little farther, add some hash browns to the mixture.  This is my personal favorite!

BBQ Quesadillas


Shredded chicken or chunked can chicken

BBQ sauce of your choice



1.Mix chicken with BBQ sauce.

2.Warm each tortilla on grill and add chicken mixture.

3.Sprinkle with cheese and fold over.

After cooking, let cool.  Wrap each one individually in wax paper and then again with foil or freezer paper.  Store in large freezer bag.

Make it vegetarian by omitting the chicken or Gluten free by using corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas.  Change the meat to pulled pork or whatever you left over.


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