A Mini Cook Weekend


I haven’t had much time for a big weekend cook, though I’m hoping next Sunday will allow me some prepping and cooking time. The freezer stockpile is almost depleted, and there are surely no lunches or breakfasts left. I worked hard last week to make sure that when I went to bed each night, lunches and breakfasts were ready for grabbing before heading out the door. I even managed to get in a quick 10 minute workout each morning due to my organized nights. So today I got the week prepped and organized. Here’s this week’s plan:

Breakfasts: homemade cereal bars (favorite of my toddler) and Whole Wheat Egg white McMuffins. I might sneak in some Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast too. It wad a hit last wee!

Lunches: Pizza Rolls, hot pockets, Chicken quesadillas, and fruit and nut salad.

Dinner: Skinny Fish cakes (my husband and son have been spending lots of time at the lakes), pizza, Chicken Cordon Blue Bake, leftovers, and Tamale Pie.

It’s a short work week with the local fair starting, and family coming to visit on Saturday. Enjoy the recipes!!

   Homemade Cereal Bars

These taste just like the fruit filled cereal bars you find at the store. I got the recipe from my favorite freezer cooking blog. It’s so simple that after making them once, you won’t need the recipe anymore!



1 C white AND Whole wheat flour
1.5 C oat flour (throw some old fashioned oatmeal in the food processor and grind it to a flour)
1 C brown sugar (I only use 1/2)
1 C softened Butter
You’re favorite fruit jam/jelly/preserves

Mix all ingredients except the jam/jelly in a bowl. I’ve done this with my hands and with my kitchen aide. Both work. Mix until a crumbly mixture forms. (Like the crust to a tart or cheesecake). Take small balls and press into a muffin pan, forming a cup. Fill with filling (I made some with peanut butter and jelly today!!). Then add more crumb mixture to the top. Mason loves to help make AND eat these!! Bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. Then let cool before removing from the pan. I use my silicone muffin pan and they pop right out.

Today I added Chia seed to them, and I’ve been known to add things such as sunflower seeds and flax seeds to the crumb mixture too. They freeze well, but we never get them to the freezer!

For my GF friends, here’s the link to a GF version.  http://onceamonthmom.com/gluten-free-dairy-free-oamm-makeover-cereal-bar-cookies/

The original link: http://onceamonthmom.com/homemade-cereal-bar-cookies/


Pizza Roll-Ups


This was a recipe that I stumbled upon on Pinterest.  Oh how I can get lost on Pinterest!  These roll-Ups are so easy to make, and my little one LOVE to help make them.


1 can crescent rolls
4 sticks string cheese
32-40 pieces of pepperoni
Garlic powder

Roll out and separate the crescent rolls on a cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray or covered with parchment paper.  Place 4-5 pieces of pepperoni on each triangle.  Add half a string cheese stick on top.  Roll them like you would a roll, and tuck end over.  Sprinkle garlic powder on all the rolls.  Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes.  Dip in pizza sauce and enjoy!  These will freeze well too, but we will just keep these in the refrigerator for this week. 

The link: http://www.plainchicken.com/2011/12/crescent-pepperoni-roll-ups.html


Whole Wheat Egg white McMuffin Sandwiches


I am addicted to the McDonald’s drive thru.  This is bad for my pocketbook and my waistline!  So here’s my own healthier version of their McMuffin. 



Egg whites (I buy them in a carton so I don’t waste the egg yolks)

Canadian Bacon (in the deli meats section with the pizza toppings)

Sliced cheese

Whole Wheat English Muffins

Split the muffins in half with a fork.  Place 1 piece of Canadian Bacon on each bottom.  Cook the egg whites in a pan. Figure on 2-3 egg whites per sandwich.  Add salt and pepper to the eggs while cooking.  When done, divide into the number of sandwiches you are making and place on top of the bacon.  Add a slice of cheese on top of the eggs.  Top the sandwhich and wrap.  I wrap these sandwiches in parchment paper before wrapping in foil if I can going to be freezing them. 

The WW Plus points are the same for both this sandwich and the one at your local drive thru, but the savings come in the cost!  I made my 4 sandwiches for $4, instead of the $12 I would have paid… Go me!


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