I’m back!!


Well I have been gone for awhile from my blog, but rest assured my freezer and I have been very busy!  So busy that I have not had much time to write the blog.  Lol. Many things have changed since my last post.  Our family grew by 1, giving us 2 beautiful boys.  I know am the proud owner of a used stand up freezer.  SO LOVE MY FREEZER!   We froze lots of things before our stand up freezer, but now we are able to freeze larger items, including MILK!  Yes, you can freeze milk.  So we now buy 4 galls on milk at Costco and are able to freeze them and use one each week.  People often ask my why I freezer cook or why I spend an entire weekend cooking.  I know I have shared some reasons before, but recent changes in my husband’s employment have reaffirmed my reasons for cooking once a month.  We used to get paid 2-3 times a month.  Now, we both get paid only once, and on the same time.  My freezer cooking is an integral part of out budget.  We shop once a month and cook once a month.  We don’t really eat out, saving our diets and our wallets!

The first weekend of each month is my cooking weekend for 2 simple reasons… it’s our payday and by the end of the month, our freezer is just about empty.  I was sharing with my husband today that I have a love hate relationship with my cooking weekend.  I love having a month’s meals (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners) all done and ready to go, but I HATE how tired I am at the end.  We split it up over 2 days this time.  We could have done it all at once, but I got a late start the first night after a shopping trip to Costco and my feet always bark at me when I do a full day of cooking!

Today’s focus is breakfast.  As a teacher and mom I know the importance of a healthy breakfast with protein to keep you going all day long.   I also know that morning’s are hectic.  kids to drop off at school and day care, moms and dads out the door to work, and everything happening  very quickly.  To keep myself organized, I have 5 simple breakfasts, all cooked and ready to go into the microwave.  I also like to keep things in a routine so I don’t have to really think.  🙂

Monday’s are breakfast burrito day.  I have an intolerance to egg yolks, so all of my breakfast items are made with egg whites.  A healthier option but you can easily substitute whole eggs.  Start with frozen hash browns.  I cook them on the stove top.  When they are done, (usually about 6-7 minutes), pour in eggs and crumbled meat.  My preference is crumbled bacon, but I also use crumbled breakfast sausage.  Love bacon??  Costco has cooked crumbled bacon, usually near the baking or salad aisle.  OMG!!  Grab a handful and drop it in.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezey!  Top with cheese and you’re done with the filling.  Start with a stack of tortillas.  I use an ice scream scoop to scoop and fill.  Roll, wrap in foil, and you’re all done!

Tuesday’s are pancake day!  The kids love pancakes and I know what your saying… “All that sugar and where’s the protein?”  Simple.  I cook a package of breakfast sausage each week.  The package comes with 16 links- 2 per person, twice a week.  So with the pancakes we serve sausage.  Lower the sugar count with less syrup or even better, top the pancakes with peanut butter!  Today I cheated- a big box of Bisquick and my kitchen aid!  I added some chocolate chips to some, fresh blueberries to others.  HUGE batch.  Freeze them flat and then bag them up.  Then you can either pop them in the microwave or toaster in the morning.  Just like the frozen box of waffles or pancakes, but much cheaper and a bit healthier too.  Of course, you can always make your pancakes from scratch and then freeze them.

Wednesday’s are breakfast quesadilla’s.  Go back to the filling you used for your burritos, but leave out the cheese.  I then use my griddle for the cooking.  Lay out a tortilla and sprinkle a bit of cheese.  Add the egg/potato mixture.  Top with a little bit more cheese and cook!  I cut mine in half so share since my kids are younger and don’t eat an entire one.  Wrap them in foil individually and freeze them in a big bag.  I usually take a frozen one, and place it in the oven when I get up.  Set the oven to about 350.  By the time your showered and ready to eat, about 30 minutes in my house, they should be warm and ready to eat!

Thursday’s are French Toast Sticks.  I found a great recipe on Pinterest, but like most things you find on the internet, it didn’t quite work as I planned.  So I’ll tweak it.  Basically, you take some really nice thick bread, slice it into sticks, dip into your mixture of eggs, spices, and mil/heavy cream, and cook on the griddle.  Freeze them flat before you bag them.  Again, we serve them with sausage for protein.

Friday’s used to be doughnut day.  Each Friday I would take my son to get a doughnut before dropping him off at school.  BUT, doughnut’s aren’t the healthiest way to start to the school.  So Friday’s are now muffin dayI love Costco sized muffins and I really am not a fan of small muffins.  So I bought a jumbo muffin pan.  I make 4 batches each month.  I found a good recipe for Costco like muffins that uses a cake mix as a starter. I’m always looking for ways to save the budget.  On a shopping trip to a large bulk store I found a bulk cake mix.  Perfect I thought.  Well, maybe not.  After multiple tries to make my muffins, each with little success, I am back to the boxes. Choose your favorite muffin recipe and you’re set.  Serve with yogurt for an easy breakfast and healthy too!




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