Going Bananas!!!


What a busy week- it’s already Thursday night!!! The last week of school is always a busy one for moms, dads, and kids. Moms who are teachers have double duty end of year craziness!!

Last weekend I spent a day freezer cooking with my sister-in-law. We knocked out a month’s worth of dinners in a day. I was worried I was going to be behind the ball this week because I didn’t have any breakfasts- so I also whipped out a bunch of burritos and french toast sticks. All set for the week….

THEN…. I saw an amazing deal at our local fruit stand. Living in Central California, I have always been spoiled with fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer. Juicy sweet peaches, plums, apricots, corn, fresh green beans, the list goes on and on. Our small garden is over flowing. I digress. This amazing deal was for 50 (yes that’s 50!) pounds of bananas for $5!!! I know many of you are thinking, really??? 50??? How many is that? A whole packing box- 2 layers deep. The curveball in the bananas was that they had to be used that day- they were already starting to turn. SOOOO….. Pinterest to the rescue.

My loving husband helped make banana pancakes, banana muffins, banana bread, banana cookies, and well, you get the idea. We froze lots of them (peeled first) for smoothies and ice cream. Here’s the first of several banana recipes. Found on Pinterest, this can be either a yummy dessert or fun option for breakfast.

Banana Quesadillas

Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chips

1. Spread peanut butter over entire tortilla.
2. Place sliced bananas over half and sprinkle with a few chocolate chips.
3. Fold over and place on griddle.
4. Cook on both sides until lightly browned and melted inside.

We wrapped them up and froze them. The kids had one for breakfast the next morning and enjoyed it cold from the refrigerator. You can reheat them if you like. Yummy, handheld, and filled with protein = WIN!

Follow my blog for more banana recipe to come. I promise to have some non-banana recipes next week too. School ends tomorrow and I’ll have a few days before starting summer school (and unpacking my new classroom) to share some easy and quick summer recipes.


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  1. get a yonana’s machine! Makes the best non dairy “ice cream’ you will ever eat. Bananas are at their sweetest when they have brown spots

    • Thanks… my best friend has one. I found that you can actually make banana ice cream in your food processor the same way. We put a few frozen bananas in the bowl with the chopping bade and let it go…. a few minutes later you’ll have a nice fluffy ball of banana ice cream made with only 1 ingredient! Thanks for posting and I hope you’ll come back.

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