Going Bananas, Part 2


LAST DAY!!  YIPPEE!!  For those of you who are concerned that teachers don’t love their jobs, rest assured, we do.  After 9 months though, we need a few months to recharge our batteries for the next batch of eager learners.  So with today being the last day, I’m sure you’re thinking I will have tons of time to make fresh dinners every night.  While I may have time, it’s already inching close to 100 and will be over it in the next week to come.  So anything that I can do to avoid heating up my house is important.  In our search for banana recipes the other day, we came across a blueberry banana bread recipe.  All I can say is YUM!  It was breakfast this morning along with a yogurt (gotta have that protein for the last day!!) and we were out the door to give teachers gifts and get the classroom ready for eager students and a BBQ.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and it made 2 loaves (smaller loaf pans).  I wish I could share this recipe here with you, but the author felt I was violating copy-rite laws.  So I have removed the recipe and the link to her website.  However, you can easily search search my Pinterest board for Blueberry Banana Bread and find it there.  Sorry everyone!



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